For Your Interest In Becoming An Angel!

You are now in The Heaven Of Angels!

We call it Heaven because its said that Angels live in Heaven & We call you all helping people The Angels. So here we are in the truely meaningful Heaven Of Angels.

Dear Friends,

If you have ever felt the inner feeling to help someone in need, but don't know how can you help, then this is the place where we will let you know how you can help others, without loosing anything yourself.

Here you need not offer physical help or help by money, you can be kind and generous with just giving some words of consolation to someone. There are many people around in the world who are lonely, who needs someone to talk their heart out. There are many people who need suggestion, new artist who needs inspiration and similar. We will provide you with the contact details (i.e. Email, Guestbook, Weburl) of the person and let you know their problem. You just need to give some kind and inspiring words to those people in need & Help them fight the bad times by being virtual support.

To become An angel of words, you just require a Kind Heart, Patience To Hear, A valid email address, Some Free Time & softness in your Interaction with words.

We are not associated with any of the organizataion else of being a part of ! As we call our site The World Of Words, This is our one more effort for offering words in one more way By Angel Of Words!

Become An Angel Of Word & Help someone enlighten their day, Bring smile to someone's face & Happiness to The Heart!

~:: Send Us Your Details As Mentioned Below By Email & We Will Get Back To You ::~

  • Your Real Name:
  • Your Name As An Angel:
  • Your Contact Details (Email / Yahoo Id / MSN Id / Skype Id / Facebook Id / Mobile Number)
  • How muc time you would like to share with us being an angel? (1 Hour a week / 3 Hours a week / 1 Hour a Day / Once every month)
  • Will you be able to talk to people with patience and kind heart? Have You ever taken part in solving a problem of someone? (Yes / No with Details)
  • Tell Us Something About Yourself:

    Email us the details on Webmaster @ with Subject line as 'I wish to Become An Angel of Words"!

    We appreciate your time and efforts given to help others and surely in The Heaven Above, The Almighty will appreciate the same too.


    We don't force anyone to join here, It totally depends on a person to wish to become An Angel.

    We do not take any physical or economical help, nor do we provide. This is the site of Words and we only offer Kind Words.

    Its compulsary for every Member Angel to use a graphical badge provided to them while corresponding to any person in need.

    The graphical badge will be provided to all Angels when they are approved for becoming an angel. This badge will be sent to you by an email.

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